Friday, December 4, 2009

Newsletter Review--The Surratt Courier

The Surratt Courier. The Surratt Society. December 2009, Volume XXXIV No. 12.

The December issue of the Surratt Courier arrived in the mail today. Included is the normal brief President's Message, Mark Your Calendar for upcoming events, New members listing, and a brief update on "cosmetic surgery" going on at the Surratt House and surrounding buildings.

The main article this month is a six page article titled "The Missing Confederate Gold: Raid at Chennault, Georgia, May 24, 1865" written by Marshall P. Waters III. The article briefly discusses what happened to the Confederate treasury that left Richmond with Jefferson Davis and his cabinet. An interesting article that doesn't seem to have a direct relation to the Surratt family or the Lincoln assassination.

The book linked to below deals with the Confederate treasury after the war. I have not read the book so I have no comment as to whether it is good or not. The Amazon reviews are positive for whatever that is worth.

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