Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thoughts on the O.R. on cd or dvd?

I would like to get a copy of the Official Records but since space right now is an issue (and my wife would not like me bringing in well over 100 volumes) I won't be getting them in book format. Does anybody have suggestions on getting this in cd or dvd format? They are all over eBay of course but you never know what you're going to get. If you would be so kind to let me know where you got yours and any thoughts good or bad I would much appreciate it. Thanks!


  1. Robert-
    Several years ago I purchased Guild Press's "Civil War CD-Rom", which included the OR, Dyer's Compendium, Fox's Regimental Losses, a User's Guide to the OR, and Military Operations of the Civil War. It's been a reliable research tool for many years. Had a little problem adapting it to Windows Vista but it has an easy to use search engine. It's available through at

    George W. Martin

  2. Thnks George, I'll be sure to take a look at this. Sounds like what I'm looking for.

    I added your blog to my blogroll and can't wait to get back and read it and go through your website. Be sure to let me know when your book is closer to publication. I'd love to read it and post a review!

    Thanks so much for being a reader. I appreciate it!