Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Review--Test Your Knowledge on the Battle of Gettysburg

Drake, Kevin. Test Your Knowledge on the Battle of Gettysburg. Xulon Press, Longwood, FL. 158 pages, b/w photos.

Test Your Knowledge On The Battle Of GettysburgBooks on the battle of Gettysburg seem to be a dime a dozen. Authors are mining every nugget of the battle in attempts to find or say something new. These micro histories are great for advanced students and those that want to know every last detail. Many times they are also must reads for those looking to take the highly competitive and difficult test as the first part of becoming a Licensed Battlefield Guide at the park.

For students who think they know it all though author Kevin Drake presents his new book Test Your Knowledge on the Battle of Gettysburg in an attempt to prove you wrong. Broken down into three sections this book has something for students of all knowledge levels. Each of the three levels is broken down by subject. Questions may cover areas like pre-battle, first day, second day, third day, post battle, miscellaneous, and a "who am I". Level three contains questions on monuments, the Gettysburg Address, cemeteries, Generals, and several very difficult matching sections. The book is neatly wrapped up with a short listing of recommended books.

After each question the answer is shown. This makes it a bit tough if you are wanting to think about an answer since it is kind of difficult to not notice the correct reply. A few black and white photos round out the presentation.

While Xulon Press appears to be a self publishing company I was impressed overall. I've seen books of much worse quality come out of self publishing outfits. I would have liked more pictures and the opportunity to try and figure out where they are or what they are of but I imagine that would have cost more to produce. As to content this is a must read for those who study the battle. Score high enough and you just may earn the rank of Major General. As for me, you'll find me eating my hardtack over with the other Privates.

Highly recommended!

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