Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Arrivals

There have been a couple of new arrivals from publishers I would like to share with readers until I can delve into them deeper.

First from History Graphics Press is Volume 2 of their Civil War Adventure series. From their website:

History Graphics Press presents a new line of graphic novels that bring the past to life with exciting stories fully illustrated by top talents in comics storytelling.

Civil War Adventures is only the first in a line of volumes dedicated to America’s bloodiest conflict and defining hour. Each book will bring you stories of the men and women on both sides of the conflict and draw you into their world through dramatic stories of courage, sacrifice, tragedy and even comedy. The epic scale of the War Between the States is fully realized on page after page of sumptuously rendered sequential illustrations from some of the very best artists in the field.

Meticulously researched and supplemented with text material, maps and period pictures, these books provide a wealth of instruction and insight as well as hours of engaging entertainment. You’ll join the 5th Virginia as it marches toward its first conflict at Bull Run. You’ll ride along with George Custer as his fabled cavalry faces impossible odds. You’ll be a passenger on an armed riverboat as it drifts into range of waiting batteries along the Mississippi. These stories are designed to make real the everyday experiences of men and women caught up in the war that decided the fate of our nation.

For the Civil War novice or aficionado, these detailed stories bring you into the action and allow you to view the events in a new and exciting way. History Graphics Press is looking forward to future volumes that will explore the Civil War and many other aspects of American history in a way that is as thrilling as it is educational.

Run by comic book veterans writer Chuck Dixon and artist Gary Kwapisz, this looks like an interesting and hopefully viable way to bring more people into the study of history. The art looks nice and if the stories go as well this should be a winner!

I was also recently sent a PDF copy of the new book And the War Came: The Six Months That Tore America Apart written by Jamie Malanowski, who has written for Spy, Vanity Fair, and the New York Times. Published by Byliner it appears this is only available digitally but should be available for whatever e-reader you own.

From the publisher website:

The creator of The New York Times’ award-winning Disunion blog tells the extraordinary story of the country’s slide into the Civil War. A riveting account of a national tragedy whose echoes are still with us today.

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