Sunday, February 19, 2012

Upcoming Posts--E-Book Style

Well, Confederate Book Review is being forced into the 21st century whether I want to be or not. I have received 2 review copies in the last few weeks. Both are in PDF format. Now I have resisted having an e-reader of any kind and reading for long periods on a computer is not my favorite thing to do but that is going to have to change I am afraid. My wife has a Kindle (OK it was originally mine but she has gotten a ton of use out of it) and now has a Nook Tablet that she uses constantly. She loves it. I will be joining the digital revolution soon enough though. My parents are going to buy me an iPad 3 (or whatever the new version will be called) as my Christmas gift when it is released. The last I saw this is possibly going to be in March. We'll see. I am sure once I get used to it I will enjoy it. There's just something about a real physical book that I think I will always prefer. Gotta change with the times though.

While I really do prefer the real book I can see the advantages for publishers especially when sending out complimentary review copies. The expense is really negligible as opposed to a hard copy of the book. Chances are the PDF cost pennies at best while the physical book would run several dollars or more depending on whether a real trade edition or "ARC" is sent. The digital copy also saves on postage which is at least a couple of bucks. Add it up then multiply it by however many review copies are sent out then multiply that times how many books a publisher releases and at this point we are talking some real money. Yes, the digital review copy is here to stay and as I said earlier I've gotta change with the times.
Onward to the new e-books I have received!

From the great folks at Savas Beatie is the much waited for Unholy Sabbath: The Battle of South Mountain in History and Memory, September 14, 1862 written by Brian Matthew Jordan. Having read John Hoptak's excellent The Battle of South Mountain last year I am eagerly looking forward to reading this.

Thanks also go out to author S. Thomas Summers for sending along a copy of his recently released book of Civil War poetry titled Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War. Through a series of brief poems we trace the service of a young Confederate private during the Civil War. Seems like an interesting concept. Seeing that the book has received several 5 star reviews on Amazon I have hope that this will prove an interesting read. The book is published by Anaphora Literary Press.

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