Sunday, July 5, 2009

Burlingame's Abraham Lincoln available online-FREE

In a rare move a current book is being made available on the internet for free. The book is Michael Burlingame's masterpiece Abraham Lincoln: A Life. Knox College, in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University Press and Michael Burlingame, is now presenting in pdf format the original manuscript. This includes some extra material and documentation that did not make it into the final books. Currently the first volume is available with the second to follow shortly.

While I have not read or purchased this work yet it seems that nobody has anything bad to say about the work itself. The binding is a different matter if you read customer reviews. Kudos to all involved in making this massive work available to the masses. Personally I hope to own a physical copy myself one day.

Oh by the way, remember the work is under copyright so don't go posting it on your own site or making illegal copies.

Thanks to Brett at TOCWOC for the heads up on this great news!

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