Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pre Civil War duel kills anti-slavery Senator

This Sunday marks the 150th anniversary of a California duel between anti-slavery Democratic Senator David Broderick and California Supreme Court Chief Justice David Terry. Despite Broderick being a Democrat he was a leader of that party's anti slavery wing thus causing the rift with Terry, originally from Kentucky. Terry believed the Douglass the anti-slavery men followed was Frederick, the black abolitionist, and not Stephen, the pro slavery candidate for President. As tempers rose a duel was demanded in which Broderick fired first but misfired. Terry then followed with a clean shot to Broderick's chest inflicting a wound that would kill the Senator three days later. Depsite dueling being illegal Terry was later acquitted of murder charges. Terry left politics and joined the Confederate army. He was later killed by a bodyguard after striking Supreme Court justice Stephen Field.

Please read a more in depth article here.

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