Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Interviews at Civil War Trust

There are a couple of new interviews posted on the Civil War Trust website that are worth checking out.

Jimmy Price discusses his new book The Battle of New Market Heights: Freedom Will Be Theirs by the Sword (VA). His book tells the story of the US Colored Troops 1864 battle against troops from the Army of Northern Virginia. 14 members of the USCT were awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions here. In addition to discussing the book Price also talks about preservation efforts, or lack there of, at the battlefield.

Be sure to also check out Jimmy's blog, The Sable Arm, which is dedicated to the USCT.

Also on the CWT site is an interview with Adam Goodheart. Adam has written the book 1861: The Civil War Awakening. The book covers northern attitudes in the first year of the war with Goodheart making several interesting conclusions regarding northern views toward slavery/abolition, the crisis at Fort Sumter, the passion of northerners toward the war effort and more.

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