Monday, September 30, 2013

Press Release--Explosion on the Potomac

Explosion on the Potomac  

The 1844 Calamity Aboard the USS Princeton

Kerry Walters

In 1844, the USS Princeton was the most technologically sophisticated warship in the world. Its captain, Robert Stockton, and President John Tyler were both zealous expansionists, and they hoped that it would be the forerunner in a formidable steam-powered fleet. On a Potomac cruise intended to impress power brokers, the ship’s main gun—the Peacemaker—exploded as the vessel neared Mount Vernon. Eight died horribly, while twenty others were injured. Two of Tyler’s most important cabinet members were instantly lost, and the president himself had a near miss—making it the worst physical disaster to befall a presidential administration. The tragedy set off an unpredictable wave of events that cost Tyler a second term, nearly scuttled plans to add Texas to the Union and stirred up sectional rancor that drove the nation closer to civil war. Author Kerry Walters chronicles this little-known disaster that altered the course of the nation’s history.

An award-winning author and editor of thirty books, Kerry Walters has been a professor at Gettysburg College for over a quarter century.

ISBN: 978-1-62619-197-6 •  Paperback   •   128 pages   •   $19.99  •  September 27, 2013

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