Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Off Topic--Brandywine Battlefield to remain open

A "short term" argreement has been reached between the state of Pennsylvania and Brandywine Battlefield Park Associates to keep the park open using volunteers until a longer term solution can be reached. An announcement was made on State Senator Dominic Pillegi's website regarding this.

While in theory this is good news I have several reservations about this...1) The state appears to just be backing out and letting others take over even though they still will own the property. 2) Volunteers? How long will many of these individuals be able to hang on without income? I am sure those employed there are very dedicated to what they do but will their dedication be the same without pay and benfits? 3) Does the state have any real motivation to work on a long term solution? The park is open and they aren't footing the bills. Let's hope my negativity is misplaced and that the state steps up and finds funds to operate the park as it should be. Let's also hope that Civil War parks don't meet the same kind of fate!

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