Thursday, February 18, 2010

SEVHS February Meeting

Southeast Volusia Historical Society February Meeting

Local history is not my interest but I feel it important to support local history groups. I was finally able to attend a meeting of the SEVHS after being a member for more than a year. My work schedule usually is such that I can't make the Thursday evening meeting that takes place once a month. It was an interesting group. That's the word I would use for it.

The talk was worth attending. Sarah Miller, from The Florida Public Archaeology Network, gave a talk that centered around ground penetrating radar especially when it comes to cemeteries. Ms. Miller was obviously at home in giving this talk and this is no doubt a subject near and dear to her. She talked about discoveries made in St. Augustine, FL while being careful to explain that while GPR may indicate something below ground it may not always be what they are hoping for. She had a couple of interesting brochures including one on the organization she works for and another dealing with Florida's Unmarked Burial Law.

Overall I have to say I was disappointed by the Society however. Remember, I have never been to a meeting and have only been to the museum twice. Nobody there knows me. Not ONE person could be bothered to say hello, to ask my name, to welcome me, or to find out if I intended to rob them all. NOT ONE! I was there about 15 minutes before start time wandering around and stayed about ten minutes after the presentation. NOT ONE PERSON! Mind you I am not exaggerating when I tell you that other than Ms. Miller I was the youngest person there by a minimum of 25 years and really probably 35 years younger than the average attendee. Just seems that maybe some younger blood is a good thing to encourage but maybe age was the problem. For me this stands in complete contrast to a Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting I went to in order to hear Russell Bonds speak. I would guess no fewer than a dozen people talked to my wife and myself. When I say talked I mean more than just saying hello.

Will this experience keep me from attending another meeting? Probably not if my work schedule permits. Is it a positive way to run an all volunteer organization when you have someone with time and energy to help? Not really. So any way, the next historical society meeting you attend, be sure to welcome the newbie (or at least say hello). They may turn into long time members.

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