Monday, June 7, 2010

University of Virginia Press Fall 2010 Catalog

Just received the fall 2010 University of Virginia Press book catalog in the mail at work today.  There are a few books of interest coming out soon.

America on the Eve of the Civil War. Edited by Edward Ayers and Carolyn Martin. Scheduled for an October release. $23.95. 9780813930633.  17 top scholars and historians took part in an unscripted discussion on the state of the union just before the South seceded.

Jefferson, Lincoln, and Wilson.  Edited by John Milton Cooper Jr. and Thomas Knock. Scheduled for August release. $39.50. 9780813930046.  "...seeks to explore how the collision of reaces shaped American democracy in the lives, thought, and actions of three of the nation's most important presidents."

Radical Reform . Written by Deborah Beckel. Scheduled for January. $45. 9780813930022.  "...portrays the largely unkown leaders of the interracial Republican party who struggled for political, civil, and labor rights in North Carolina after the Civil War.

The Big House After Slavery.  Written by Amy Feely Morsman. Scheduled for August. $45. 9780813930039. "...examines the economic, social and political challenges that Virginia planter families faced following Confederate defeat and emancipation."

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