Sunday, October 28, 2012

New releases from LSU Press

A couple of new releases from my great friends at LSU Press have arrived in the mail in the last couple of weeks.

First up from prominent western theater author Larry J. Daniel is Battle of Stones River: The Forgotten Conflict Between the Confederate Army of Tennessee and the Union Army of the Cumberland. This three day battle led to nearly 25,000 casualties. Daniel uses seldom used primary sources to tell the story of this battle pitting William Rosecrans against Braxton Bragg. While there was no clear cut winner the Union army portrayed this as such helping keep "peace Democrats" at bay. This looks to be a massively researched volume. The bibliography stretches to over 20 pages and the notes section is over 40 pages. 13 maps are also included.

Chester G. Hearn brings us Lincoln and McClellan at War. This book looks to take a look at the differing strategies for pursuing the war. McClellan being more defensive minded while Lincoln wanted the war to be fought offensively. This difference of opinion and McClellan's personal dislike for the President helped lead to his ouster and the start of a revolving door of  generals leading the Army of the Potomac. The bibliography is seven pages and there are nearly 20 pages of notes. A brief glance shows four maps.

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