Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PBS Video Features Underwater World War II Corsair F4U

Thanks to my good friends at PBS for sending along this information. If you are interested in World War II or in diving this should be of interest. The video is about 9 minutes long.
The all new bi-weekly series from PBS Digital Studios, “Under H2O,” captures some of nature’s most exciting underwater events, creatures and locations.

This week’s video, ‘WWII Corsair Wreck Dive’ features amazing underwater footage of the wreckage of a World War II Corsair F4U airplane. In this episode, Dr. Musburger and his team take cameras underwater a few miles south off the island of Oahu. 100 feet down, the coral covered aircraft is a sanctuary for many interesting sea creatures including elusive garden eels and bottom-feeding goatfish. The video can be seen here:,
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Dr. Musburger is a Ph.D. Marine Biologist and winner of a National Emmy Award in Outstanding Camera Work. In 2002, he founded HD Under H2O, a Hawaii-based production company specializing in underwater production for educational, scientific, dramatic, and sports outlets. In teaming up with PBS, Dr. Musburger brings his considerable talent and knowledge to a new audience and takes them along on his exciting journeys.

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  1. This is amazing. I have long enjoyed diving, and especially wreck diving, and hope to one day dive WWII-era artifacts like this one.