Monday, June 10, 2013

LSU Press Fall 2013 Catalog

I just received the Fall 2013 catalog from LSU Press. The catalog is available online here. There are several titles of interest that will be available soon. Clicking the photo link will take you to Amazon while clicking the title link will take you to the LSU Press page with more information. Amazon doesn't have much information up at this point but the books do appear to qualify for their low price guarantee so if you order and the price goes down before they ship the book you will get the lower price. Also, don't forget that LSU Press has a great sale on Civil War titles going on right now with books ordered at their site at 40% off cover price. Check the titles available by clicking here.*

Andrew Jackson, Southerner--written by Mark R. Cheathem

Greyhound Commander: Confederate General John G. Walker's History of the Civil War West of the Mississippi--edited by Richard Lowe

Confederate General William Dorsey Pender: The Hope of Glory--written by Brain Steel Wills

Apocalypse and the Millennium in the American Civil War Era--edited by Ben Wright and Zachary W. Dresser

The Martyrdom of Abolitionist Charles Torrey--written by E. Fuller Torrey

William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini: Abolition, Democracy and Radical Reform--written by Enrico Dal Lago

Narrative of James Williams, An American Slave: Annotated Edition--edited by Hank Trent

*Full Disclosure--LSU Press does not pay to have their books advertised or promoted on my blog. They do occasionally send a review copy of a book. There titles are fully disclosed when reviewed.

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  1. catalog is fairly complete, so I had an extra reference. Thank you, you are a good man would write this to all the readers of this blog.