Saturday, October 24, 2009

Magazine Review

Here's a very quick overview of a couple of magazines I have picked up recently. I haven't gotten into them in depth but I did want to post they are out with a brief look at what is included.

Blue & Gray. Volume XXVI Issue #2. $5.95. The main focus of this issue is the Battles of Bristoe Station written by J. Michael Miller. Included with the article are campaign and battle maps and also orders of battle for both 1862 and 1863. Also included is a driving tour of the battlefields that would prove invaluable when touring the area.

The monthly Wiley Sword's War Letters Series discusses Shiloh-Before and After with letters from a Sergeant of the 7th Illinois Infantry. A nice section of book reviews rounds out this issue.

A highly recommended magazine with nice maps that are easy to read. Both vintage and contemporary photos help round out the articles nicely.

North & South. Volume 11 Issue #5. $6.99. William Garrett Piston has this month's lead article with Struggle for the Trans-Mississippi. Alex Mendoza writes about the issues between Confederate generals Braxton Bragg and James Longstreet. Several other articles round out this issue including an article dealing with the making of the film Glory.

Overall not a bad looking issue. Period engravings and photos are mixed with some maps to help add to the articles. For me the maps are not of the quality that other Civil War magazines provide and this is something that should be addressed considering the scholarly bent that the magazine strives for.

I apologize for the bare bones nature of this post. I've gotten behind on my reading and just haven't gotten to these. I hope to be able to do a better job on future magazine issues and give them their due.

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