Saturday, October 17, 2009

Top 5 Most Metal Civil War Generals

Here's something you don't come across every day. I found this top 5 listing of "Most Metal Civil War Generals" in Revolver Magazine. This list was created by William Murderface of the band Dethlok and is included in the book The Official Heavy Metal Book of Lists.

5) Zebulon York--Zebulon! What a cool fucking name! It's like he was from outer space...And he graduated from fucking Transylvania University of Kentucky! What the fuck? Now that's metal!

4) Daniel Ruggles--Ruggles had the hugest fucking beard of the Civil War, and everyone knows that long hair is metal.

3) Stonewall Jackson--This guy was insane! Just look into his eyes. Definitely metal.

2) Maxcy Gregg--Tell me that name doesn't sound like a great fuckin' Southern metal band. Ladies and gentlemen, Maxcy Gregg! And he was fucking shot in the spine! Metal.

1) Ulysses S. Grant--In 1864, he made a brutal fucking mistake at Cold Harbor and got 7,000 dudes killed in half an hour. Plus, he was a drunk! Metal!

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