Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Upcoming posts

It seems like all I have done lately is add new books to my collection. I just ordered 5 from Nick and the Rocky Mountain CWRT, Brett just posted information on a great sale at UNC, and a few finds here and there on ebay and locally. Well I've got to start somewhere I guess so here are some that are in the works.

Currently I am reading Russell Bonds book Stealing the General. I've only just started but it's pretty good. He's been talking about loyalists in eastern Tennessee and since I have an ancestor from the area who was in the Union Cavalry he already has my interest even though the book won't focus on that. The writing is clear and I anticipate this to be a good read.

While at my local B&N a while ago I found a copy of Eric Wittenberg's Glory Enough For All on the bargain table (sorry Eric). I got started on it and admit I was kind of confused since I don't know much about the subject. It's one I'll be starting again though with more focus. I've read many good things about Eric's work and I can't imagine this is any different.

Recently I received in the mail a review copy of The Mule Shoe by Perry Trouche published by Star Cloud Press. I don't read a lot of fiction but this looks pretty interesting as Trouche melds "historical narrative with a clinical case study of Civil War trauma". The book is set along a backdrop of the battle at Spotsylvania. Could be good reading and thanks again to the good folks at Star Cloud Press for sending along a copy.

Happy reading!

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