Thursday, December 3, 2009

Painless way to help the CWPT

For most of us the Civil War Preservation Trust is a cause we deeply support. In addition to being a member I'm sure many of us contribute to the long list of preservation efforts that we receive mailers or email on. Here's another way we can help out. Do you sell on eBay? If so, consider donating a portion of your sales to the CWPT. It's as easy as selecting "giving works" when setting up your auction. You can choose amounts from 10-100% of each auctions final bid price. eBay will even credit part of your fees back in the percentage of your donation. If you donate 10% they will refund 10% of your listing AND final value fees. Remember donations can also be tax deductible for some people.

Do you bid on eBay? Be sure to check out the listings that qualify for donations to the CWPT. It's not many right now but how about bookmarking the site and checking occasionally. Support sellers that support a much needed group. You can also go to the main giving works page and by typing in "civil war" you get this list of groups that are Civil War related.

It may not be much but every dollar helps these organizations carry on the vital services they provide.

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