Sunday, December 27, 2009

Upcoming Posts

Recently I've acquired some great books that I hope to actually have time to read. With the busy season coming up at work it'll take a bit longer than normal but I'll get through.

I recently finished reading Stand Firm Ye Boys From Maine written by Thomas A. Desjardin and enjoyed it. I hope to the review posted shortly. I have a 40 minute drive each way to work and home so my wife has gotten me started on audio books. I've recently listened to A. Lincoln by Ronald White and also to General Lee's Army: From Victory to Collapse written by Joseph Glatthaar. I enjoyed both and even though I couldn't really take notes on either I'll put up some details regarding them shortly.

Within the last month or so I have been in contact with Scott Mingus Sr. and have purchased two books directly from him that I am looking forward to. The first is Flames Beyond Gettysburg and the second is The Louisiana Tigers in the Gettysburg Campaign. Scott writes a couple of interesting blogs that you can visit here and here. Contact him directly (his email is on his blog or if you are a friend through Facebook contact him there) for inscribed and signed copies.

Jim M. Schmidt is another blogger that I follow. His blogs are here and here. Through his blogs I recently ordered his books Years of Change and Suffering (OK he's a co-editor but he does have an essay in the book) and the book I am currently reading Lincoln's Labels. Check out his interesting blogs and order a book if you are inclined. It's easy to do and can be paid through paypal.

Just as an FYI both Scott and Jim shipped their books very quickly and were both great to deal with and very appreciative of a future reader. It's always good to support authors directly when possible, plus you can get really nice inscriptions in your books. The reviews I have seen on their books have been positive and I am looking forward to all of them.

Some others in the pipe are War Like the Thunderbolt written by Russell S. Bonds. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bonds and if you get a chance to hear him speak don't miss out. This book was recently named by as a top history book for 2009. If it is anywhere near as good as Stealing the General it will be a great read. I am also looking forward to Like a Meteor Blazing Brightly written by historian, author, blogger, attorney, etc. Eric Wittenberg. Last but not least is a Christmas gift from my wife; The New Civil War Handbook written by Mark Hughes and published by Savas Beatie.

As if this wasn't enough there's the ever increasing pile of magazines!

Happy reading!


  1. Hello Robert!

    It was my pleasure to serve you, and I trust that you will enjoy the books!

    Happy 2010!

  2. Robert - I'll second Scott's motion! It was my pleasure as well. I do appreciate it very much indeed and hope that you enjoy them both. All of the royalties from Years of Change are being donated to Civil War medical heritage preservation! You've got a GREAT blog and I'll be adding it to my "blogroll" when I get home tonight. Happy New Year! Jim