Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magazine Review--Blue & Gray

Blue & Gray. Volume XXVII Issue 3. 66 pages $5.95.

Feature article--Van Dorn's Holly Springs Raid by Thomas E. Parson

• Where Was Julia Grant During the Raid? by Tom Parson

• WILEY SWORDS WAR LETTERS SERIES— A Massachusetts Socialite Gets A V.I.P. Tour of the Custis-Lee Mansion in April 1864, and Tells All In A Letter Home, Including Lee Family Items Taken As Souvenirs and Her Views on Emancipation

• DRIVING TOUR—The Holly Springs Raid by Dave Roth with Tom Parson.

The magazine lives up to its reputation. Excellent mix of current and historical photos along with a boat load of maps. Also included is a section of book reviews. If you like a magazine to be tightly focused on one subject Blue & Gray is for you.

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