Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magazine Review--North & South

North & South. Volume 12 Number 5. 64 pages, $6.99.

Here's a brief run down on the highlights from the new issue. I have not read this issue so I will just list the articles.

Border War 1788-1860 written by Stanley Harrold    Discusses the decades of violence before the Civil War.

War Comes to West Point written by Brian R. McEnany   The problems caused to the U.S. Military Academy in the wake of secession.

Robert Bullock: Florida's Forgotten General written by Zack C. Waters  (Please be sure to see my review of Waters excellent book: A Small But Spartan Band)    A little known Brigadier General from Florida.

Gott Mit Uns written by George C. Rable    Religious explanations from both sides as to the results of First Bull Run.

Freemasons in the Civil War written by Michael A. Halleran

Also included is a small section of book reviews, letters to the editor, and Knapsack ( a series of brief Civil War items).  Overall it looks like a good issue with a couple of articles I will be interested to read. Zack Waters being the prime one for me. The article on Freemasons also looks promising even though in the contents listing it is shown as starting on a page different from it's true starting page (easy editing mistake to catch). Each article is accompanied end notes. Each article has photos but I'm not sure they are adding much. Also, I did not notice any maps. This is always a problem for a history magazine. In addition, does anybody know if there is a website for this magazine? I was unable to find one that was active.

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