Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gettysburg Visitor's Center Price Increase

I wanted to post a follow up to my earlier post regarding a proposed fee increase to see the museum, Cyclorama, and film at the Gettysburg Visitor's Center. The NPS has approved a fee increase of $2 per adult and has restructured the fees charged for children. Read more about this change at the Gettysburg Times website.

I know many have big issues with the Gettysburg Foundation and the fact that there is an admission charge at all. I'm not going to argue this point because there is no changing people's mind on this. My knowledge on the Foundation only goes back a couple of years so I'm not at full speed on everything that went on years ago when it was founded. Anyway, does it matter at this point? What I will say is, if you wish to visit the museum, see the Cyclorama, or the film you can become a member of the Foundation or pay the $12.50. For most reading this blog I imagine this might be something you will do once and then if you visit Gettysburg again will probably pass on.

Eisenhower Farm
Even if you don't want to tour the museum (I do highly recommend seeing the Cyclorama even though you won't get anywhere near enough time to see it before being ushered out) I think you shouldn't miss the VC at least on your first trip. There's an excellent bookstore there. Now personally I like Bern at Battlefields and Beyond, Lucas and Julie at Pages of the Past, and of course the good folks at the American History Store but the VC Bookstore should not be missed. Also, if you want to take a LBG tour it will probably start here though guides can be flexible and the two I took earlier this year started at my hotel. And let's not forget a lesser known gem at Gettysburg, the Eisenhower Farm. If you want to visit there you will need to take a bus from the VC.

Whether we as devotees of this hallowed ground agree with the Foundation it's here to stay: good or bad, right or wrong. Rather than continue to argue with and run down the Foundation maybe this energy should be put to better use. There are plenty of worthwhile groups out there that would appreciate the support.

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