Friday, January 6, 2012

Savas Beatie Author Interview

Having recently had the pleasure of visiting Antietam National Battlefield I have gained an interest in and appreciation for this complex battle. Publisher Savas Beatie has a new book out titled Unholy Sabbath: The Battle of South Mountain in History and Memory, September 14, 1862 written by Brian Matthew Jordan. Here Jordan tells the story of an often overlooked battle that is seen by many as just a prequel to Antietam. Using many primary sources readers will be able to see the importance of the action that took place at the three gaps (Fox's, Turner's, and Crampton's) on South Mountain. If the author achieves his goal the battle will no longer be seen as just a trivial part of the Maryland Campaign that led to Antietam but will be seen as an important turning point in the campaign in and of itself. The book contains maps, photos, index, and bibliography. While I have not seen a copy of the book yet this looks like it will be a winner. Knowing the quality of other SB books this will no doubt be an attractive book as well.

For those wanting further information about the book, the author, or the author's methods and goals of the book SB has been kind enough to post an interview with Mr. Jordan. Read the full interview here.

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