Friday, January 27, 2012

University of Tennessee Press Catalog

Today I received a copy of the Spring/Summer 2012 University of Tennessee Press catalog. For those of us interested in the Civil War there are three titles of interest.

A Yankee Horseman in the Shenandoah Valley: The Letters of John H. Black, Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry. Edited by David J. Coles and Stephen D. Engle and scheduled for a June release. This is the only known large collection of letters from a member of the 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry. The letters span 1862-1865 and were written to his fiance/wife Jennie Leighty Black. The letters offer an insight into not only Black's thoughts but the regiments work which included tracking guerrillas such as John Singleton Mosby. The book is scheduled to be about 200 pages and have 3 photos and 1 map. $39.95.

Lee and His Generals: Essays in Honor of T. Harry Williams. Edited by Lawrence Lee Hewitt and Thomas E. Schott. No publication date is listed in the catalog but Amazon estimates June. "In this collection, ten of those former students, along with one author greatly inspired by Williams's example, offer incisive essays that honor both Williams and his career long dedication to sound, imaginative scholarship and broad historical inquiry." Approximately 368 pages, 14 photos, 6 maps. $45.95 but is on sale already at Amazon for $30.33.

David Schenck and the Contours of Confederate Identity written by Rodney Steward. "...Steward opens a window into the heart and soul of the Confederate South's burgeoning professional middle class and reveals the complex set of desires, aspirations, and motivations that inspired men like Schenck to cast for themselves a Confederate identity that would endure the trials of war, the hardship of Reconstruction, and the birth of a New South."
Scheduled for a May release, 184 pages, 5 photos. $39 but currently on sale at Amazon for $25.74.

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