Saturday, February 23, 2013

Upcoming Post-Leonidas Polk Biography

Thanks going out to my good friends at The History Press for sending along a copy of their new release Confederate General Leonidas Polk: Louisiana's Fighting Bishop written by Cheryl White.

Polk has been the subject of several other biographies but I have not read any of them so I am interested in learning more about the "Fighting Bishop". This book looks to follow the fairly standard History Press format coming in at just over 100 pages of text and containing ample b/w illustrations. Priced at under $20 the price is right.

From the back cover:

Leonidas Polk is one of the most fascinating figures of the Civil War. Consecrated as a bishop of the Episcopal Church and commissioned as a general into the Confederate army, Polk's life in both spheres blended into a unique historical composite. Polk was a man with deep religious convictions but equally committed to the Confederate cause. He baptized soldiers on the eve of bloody battles, administered last rites and even presided over officers' weddings, all while leading his soldiers into battle. Historian Cheryl White examines the life of this soldier-saint and the legacy of a man who unquestionably brought the first viable and lively Protestant presence to Louisiana and yet represents the politics of one of the darkest periods in American history.

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  1. The book has too many errors. John Q. Hood for John B. Hood, etc. Does History Press fact check?