Sunday, February 24, 2013

Upcoming Post--My Brother, My Friend, My Enemy

Thanks go out to George Winston Martin for kindly sending along a nicely autographed copy of his new book My Brother, My Friend, My Enemy: A Novel of the American Civil War.

Mr. Martin is the author of the highly regarded book I Will Give Them One More Shot: Ramsey's First Regiment Georgia Volunteers published in 2011 by Mercer University Press.  Mr. Martin publishes a blog dealing with the 1st Georgia Volunteers. I highly recommend you take a look by clicking here.  You may also keep up with him by checking his website here. I found out from his website that he is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University which I worked at many years ago at the start of my college book selling career. Small world huh?

Here's a preview of My Brother... from Amazon and also the back cover of the book:

Caught up in the calamity of a nation teetering on the brink of Civil War, two brothers, both Southern-born but separated by hundreds of miles and vastly differing traditions, struggle to find themselves in the radically opposing cultures of North and South. William Marsh of Dahlonega, Georgia, enthusiastically answers his state's call for volunteers and marches off to war. While naively searching for glory, he pines for beautiful Mary Stewart, a temptress who rewards his affections with deceit as she obsesses over Jonathon Evans, a rogue and William's sworn enemy. Residing with relatives in the rugged mountains of Northern New Hampshire, William's older brother Thomas struggles against inner demons and regional prejudice, all the while daring to love the intelligent and passionate Stephanie Carroll, whose rabidly anti-Southern uncle schemes to drive them apart. As the nation tears itself apart in ever more bloody clashes, the brothers not only face perils and temptations at home, but also the hazards of distant battlefields, as their destinies thrust them into the ranks of opposing armies - where one wears gray, and the other blue.

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