Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Press Release

I received the following press release today. I couldn't find the book on Amazon or B&N yet so I don't have any further information. I will let you know if I find out anything further.

For Immediate Release August 10, 2011
Media Contact:
Leslie Hermelin at Susan Blond Inc. - 212.333.7728 ex 131

Featuring Rare and Unseen-By-The-Public Images,
The Civil War: A Visual History
Brings the Civil War to Life on its 150th Anniversary
Book To Be Released by Parragon Inc September 27, 2011
Interactive App To Be Released Simultaneously
Civil War
2011 marks the beginning of the 150th anniversary of the United States Civil War, arguably the most momentous and turbulent time in America's history. Parragon Books is honored to release the new book The Civil War: A Visual History, bringing the country's historical legacy to life in a new and inviting form.
The Civil War: A Visual History pulls together rarely seen photographs, lithographs, and posters from the Civil War era, unfolding a visual representation that is part historical timeline and part personal narrative. Augmented by letters, speeches, and memoir excerpts, this rich guide captures the thoughts and emotions of soldiers on the battlefield and their loved ones at home. Paired together, these mixed media representations provide a sense of history that can't be found in a simple textbook.
One of the book's chief assets is a pristine version of the Confederate Seal Proof Lithograph printed by the King of England's Master Engraver and the letter that accompanied this gift to the Library of Congress. This image of the seal is unparalleled in color and clarity and has remained largely unseen by the public until unearthed in the research for this book. Other highlights include images by the controversial artist Adalbert Volck; a private letter from Alfred Waude, one of the most prolific artists during the war; and a rare photo of Lincoln confidante Rebecca Pomeroy. In addition to a comprehensive collection of traditional wartime imagery (battlefields, soldiers, artillery, and more), The Civil War: A Visual History brings wartime culture to life with reprints of political cartoons, playing cards, collectible cards, newspaper articles, family photos and more.
Bringing our nation's history into the digital age, Parragon will also be releasing a companion app featuring exclusive video interviews on rare images of Abraham Lincoln, the Gettysburg battlegrounds, and the history of photography during the war. The app will also include a look into Civil War soldier and artist Charles W. Reed's sketchbook, digital trading cards, and musical scores from the era. The app will feature multiple navigation options through which fans can experience the breadth of the war, including search by location, by keyword, and by historical timeline.
The Civil War: A Visual History is a fresh look at America's heritage for those already well-versed in our history, and an ideal starting point for those just learning about America's past.

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