Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Upcoming Post-Robert E. Lee in War and Peace

I recently received a copy of Robert E. Lee in War and Peace: The Photographic History of a Confederate and American Icon, written by Donald A. Hopkins, courtesy of the good folks at Savas Beatie, LLC.

I can't wait to dig into this one. Dr. Hopkins, a medical doctor not a Ph.D., has uncovered 61 images of The Marble Man, some being reproduced in print for the first time.

Differing from Ostendorff's work on Lincoln, Dr. Hopkins doesn't set up a numbering system for photos. Here, the photos are discussed and analyzed, the photographers given their due, and new discoveries shared with the Civil War community.

This book more than lives up the normal Savas Beatie standard in terms of the physical appearance. Printed on high quality paper there is a real heft to the book. While I haven't read it yet this one looks like any student of the Civil War should own a copy. Those interested in early photography would also be wise to take a look

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