Saturday, June 27, 2009

Newsletter Review--The Lincoln Forum Bulletin

The Lincoln Forum Bulletin. Issue 25 Spring 2009. 12 pages.

I just recently joined the Lincoln Forum and received my first issue of The Lincoln Forum Bulletin. This is a nicely done newsletter that puts forth news from one of the premiere Lincoln groups in the country. Well edited by perhaps the premiere Lincoln scholar of our time Harold Holzer this is definetely a keeper.

The cover article for this issue deals with the upcoming November Symposium. This is to be a three day event and have Supreme Court Associate Justice (ret.) Sandra Day O'Connor as the keynote speaker. Others scheduled to attend include 2009 Lincoln Prize winners James McPherson and Craig Symonds, Ronald White, Adam Gopnik, Fred Kaplan, Lewis Lehrman, Louise Taper, Harold Holzer, Catherine Clinton, amongst others. Suffice to say there will be plenty to do including a tour of the newly opened Wills House, thought to be where Lincoln composed the final draft to his Gettysburg Address. The symposium will only accomodate 300 attendees so get your reservation in quickly. If you need extra encouragement there is a two page spread of photos showing the fun from last years event.

Also included are rememberances for John Hope Franklin and David Herbert Donald. Both are sorely missed already. There is an article regarding Barrack Obama using the same bible as Abraham Lincoln for taking the oath of office. A nice article on the Lincoln Bicentennial Commision and new President Obama is included. There is also a great 2 page spread discussing nearly 30 new books dealing with Abraham Lincoln. This is a great reference to help weed through the mountain of new releases that are coming out.

Overall a very nice newsletter that I'll be glad to receive even though I wish there were more than two issues a year.

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