Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newsletter Review--The Surratt Courier

The Surratt Courier. Volume XXXIV No. 6 June 2009.

The June 2009 issue of the Surratt Courier begins with the President's Message which discusses the Thomas S. Gwynn Jr. Memorial History Award. This award is given to a student who has created an impressive record in the study of history. This year two students were awarded to two students. I'm not sure what the award really is because nowhere is it mentioned. Is it a scholarship, a trohpy, a certificate, who knows.

A brief article titled "The Financial Page" discusses the value of the dollar today in comparison to the 1860's. For example in the calculations used a dollar in 1862 would be the equivilant of $22.08 today. Overall not a lot of relvance in my opinion. The newsletter also includes an article titled "On the Road Again..." which details museum guide Rick Smith's travels to places associated with the Lincoln Assassination. This month he discusses an attempt to locate the Adam House Tavern in Newport, MD.

Certainly not the best effort I have seen from the Surratt Society. This issue was pretty light on anything with real meat to it or anything of real historical interest in my view. Overall though the society is still well worth joining if you have an interest in the Lincoln Assassination.

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