Friday, November 11, 2011

Recent Vacation

My wonderful wife and I have returned from a nice vacation that saw us brave an unexpected and early snow storm, tour several Civil War battlefields, meet author and blogger, facebook friend, park ranger, and all around nice guy John Hoptak, visit the homes of several United States' Presidents, and see several places we had not seen before in Washington D.C.

This vacation will be providing the groundwork for many blog postings that will be coming up over the next few weeks and probably months. Of course first this means sorting through somewhere around 800 pictures and making some order out of them. Then comes sorting through the literature that we picked up so that I have a starting point for writing followed up of course by further research on the topic. Then finally actually sitting down and putting fingers to keyboard.

Seeing that these photos won't sort themselves I am keeping this brief. I have a couple of book announcements to post soon, a few book reviews that just need to be written, and as mentioned a load of historical sites to report on. Obviously the blog will be continuing! Thanks for reading.

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