Sunday, November 13, 2011

Upcoming Reviews

A couple of books have been received from publishers recently. Thanks go out to these publishers for their generosity!

The good folks at Little Brown have been kind enough to send along a copy of the beautiful new book The Library of Congress Illustrated Timeline of the Civil War. At over 250 pages and packed with illustrations and photos this chronological look at the war is sure to find it's way on to many holiday wish lists and will no doubt fill many stockings in December. Written by Margaret Wagner, who has written other history books for the LOC, the book draws on the Library archive and features many never before published illustrations. A large coffee table sized hardcover book this one looks to have the markings of a winner.

Received recently from Forge is Cold Glory written by B. Kent Anderson. Please read the information below from the publisher website for further insight into this book. Also, be on the lookout for a contest on this site for a free copy of this new hardcover book generously provided by the publisher.
Cold Glory is the exciting start to a brand-new thriller series by B. Kent Anderson.

When the first page of a shocking Civil War-era document is unearthed in Oklahoma, history professor Nick Journey is called in to evaluate the find--and is promptly attacked by two men armed with Special Forces weapons.

Federal agent Meg Tolman's investigation into Journey's attack uncovers more troubling questions than answers. She soon finds herself joining Journey's cross-country quest to recover and protect the missing pages.

A shadowy group, the Glory Warriors, have been desperately searching for this explosive document to legitimize what is nothing less than a military coup. After their first attempt to steal it from Journey fails, they follow him, knowing that he holds the key to uncovering the long-lost papers.

They also set their plan into motion and begin assassinating key political figures. As the country plunges into chaos, Journey and Tolman search frantically for the remaining pages. And the Glory Warrior operatives are hot on their trail….

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