Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lincoln Forum on C-Span

I received this email from the Lincoln Forum recently and thought I would share for any interested readers. Sorry I didn't get it posted before the first airing though. Still time to see some interesting discussions though.

Dear Lincoln Forum Member:

The Executive Committee, Board of Advisors, and staff want to thank you again for setting new records at the sold-out Lincoln Forum XVI symposium. For those who want to see some of this year's stellar presentations on C-SPAN--and for those eager to view what they may have missed--here is the schedule so far:

Each broadcast is Saturday at 6 PM and repeats the next morning (Sunday) at 11 AM on American History TV, C-SPAN 3.

  • December 17 - William Seale, "Life in the Lincoln White House"
  • December 24 - Stephen Berry, "The Todd Family at War With Themselves"
  • December 31 - Jason Emerson, "Robert Lincoln: First Son, Presidential Confidant, and Civil War Soldier"
  • January 7 - Victoria Ott, "Southern Women View the North and Lincoln"
  • January 14 - Lincoln Forum Panel, "Why Didn't the War End in 1861?"

Jack Davis' superb opening-night address already ran--without notice to us, unfortunately. Look for it in re-broadcasts.

Other talks--and this year's panel--will be scheduled later in January, and we will send another email blast with broadcast information.

We hope you can celebrate the holiday season by tuning in to the Lincoln Forum. All of us wish you a wonderful new year.

Betty Anselmo

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