Thursday, December 22, 2011

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Thanks to reader and author Mark Scroggins for sending along a nice signed copy of his book Robert Toombs: The Civil Wars of a United States Senator and Confederate General.

Published this year by McFarland, the book clocks in at 230 pages including index, bibliography, and notes. The book also contains b/w photos. The book retails for $40 and the ISBN is 9780786463633.

This biography seeks to cover the whole life of Toombs including his early days as a lawyer, his time as Confederate Secretary of State, his unsuccessful time as a Confederate General, and his post war life. Though I have not read this one yet it would appear that any student of Georgia in the Civil War would want to take a look.

Scroggins is an archivist and the author of two prior books. He has previously written for America's Civil War amongst other magazines.

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