Thursday, December 1, 2011

Live Near the Robert E. Lee Family...Kind of

608 Oronoco in Alexandria, VA
Now remember this house itself does not appear to be historic BUT you are going to be living right across the street from Robert E. Lee's boyhood home.

Robert E. Lee's Boyhood Home
Historical Marker at Lee's Boyhood Home
While the Lee Boyhood Home is no longer open to the public you may view further information on the house here. Information on a modern sale of the house is available here.

Lee-Fendall House
If you are interested in 608 Oronoco you will also be living on the same block as the Lee-Fendall House. A nice history of the house can be found here. The property originally owned by "Light horse Harry" Lee, the Revolutionary War hero, was eventually sold to Lee's cousin Philip Richard Fendall in 1784. Fendall began construcion and the home was in the family for 118 years housing 37 members of the Lee family. After the last Lee family member to live in the house passed away in 1903 the house changed hands several times until finally purchased by the Virginia Trust for Historic Preservation. The house now serves as a museum and can be rented for weddings and other social functions.

Now that I have your interest with all the history you will be living near we'll get to the vitals. The house has 3 floors, 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths and 2 half baths. It was built in 1941 and sits on just over 1/10 of an acre. So how much will it cost you to live near all this history you ask? Why just $1,995,000 with around $18,000 a year in property taxes.

I do however recommend taking a quick look at the real estate listing. Be sure to check out the over 20 photos available. The home is really quite amazing.

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